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With our roots in Sweden and our heart in every journey we make, we have a passion for spreading wellness to everyone around us. We have found balance in our lives and are now on a mission to help others find that same balance. We believe that a life filled with wellness is a better life – it's just that simple. We also believe that wellness is a personal journey. We're here to help you discover what wellness means to you, and guide you every step of the way.



Group Fitness Instructor

Looking for a wellness guru who knows what both your mind and body need? For many years, Sofie has been providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness goals. She is the founder of Swede Wellness and teaches group fitness classes – including Power Sculpt, Booty Barre, pilates and yoga – at local gyms and during our retreats.


Water Aerobics Instructor

Isa started her passion for fitness as a soccer player at 5 years old, and has not stopped moving since! In school, she majored in Personal Training and Childcare, and now teaches water aerobics at a local gym in Sweden. Isa is our go-to for discovering new exercises thanks to her innovativeness and her dedication to fitness.

Colorado USA

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