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Who is Sofie?

Inspired by her Swedish heritage and her journeys, Sofie aims to find ways to help people connect. Connect to one self, to nature and community. Through retreats, concerts, yoga and a mountain cabin, she hopes to help people feel grounded, energized and inspired. The variety of projects very much reflect the eclectic, beautiful multi-labeled being that is Sofie, and she hopes her wide spread roots can in some way help you feel connected in some way shape or form. 

Antique Piano



Our annual fundraiser to honor, support and empower women in our community.

2024 concert is April 19th at the Holiday Theatre in Denver. Get your tickets now!!

Cabin rental

Colorado Rockies

Rent our cozy cabin for the weekend getaway!



Come along on a retreat in Europe


Denver locations

Yoga in the Park in City park and other opportunities to join Sofie for a yoga class.

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Let me connect you

Sofie is a project person and always something new going on. There was no label that really fit, so she decided to do it all! The common theme though is connection.

Through yoga in the park - the connection to community.

Through a cabin in the woods - the connection to nature.

Through a show - the connection to a greater good.

Through retreats - the connection to self. 

Please let me know how I can "connect" you to any of my ongoing projects. 

"The sky is not the limit - your mind is"

- Marilyn Monroe

Connection is my priority. Get in touch to let me know if 

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