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March's Top Three

Stop procrastinating

Now that I have my planning down to a T, I need to stop procrastinating things that pop up randomly. In march, I want to pick up that pair of pants on the floor as soon as I see them (preferably put them in the laundry basket straight away but you know, sometimes that doesn't happen...), or put the notebook away in its place right away when I notice it on the table. Small things like this make the environment and the home much more "homey".

Plan all gym sessions with the rehab group

For those of you who aren't aware, I am an assistant soccer coach for a local team and my top priority this season is our rehab group. We have two long term injured players and I go to the gym with them twice a week to support them in the process of their rehab, both physically and mentally. Usually I plan the two sessions of the week, but this month I want to plan a better workout plan for us throughout the month. So 9 gym sessions will be planned before March 1st!

Make sure my friends know they mean a lot to me

I'm not the best at expressing my feelings and I've reflected over this quite a lot lately. I tend to take people for granted in the sense of they "should know" I love them simply because I stay around. That's not enough though. I know I love my friends, but I want them to know it too. And when I say I want them to know I'm not talking about just mentioning it at the end of a phone call as a way to say goodbye, I need to make sure they really know, without a doubt, that they mean so much to me. That their support through difficult times have helped me incredibly much.


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