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October's Top Three

What is on my mind this month? What would I like to set as goals for myself? This is my list of three things I would like to improve, try, think about or simply just do this month. The list below consists of three things I would like to keep in mind this upcoming month and if you would like to draw inspiration from it, feel free!!

- Take five minutes each day for a light stretch As a former soccer player I have to admit, I am quite tense. On top of that, I don't sleep very well

and sometimes I wake up with a sore neck. I think waking up and starting my day with a light

stretch would drastically improve my mobility, at least I hope so! Let's try it!

- Plan the coming weeks meals ahead of time I often find myself walking through the grocery store, not really knowing what I want to cook and I

end up buying things I don't need and I don't buy the things I do need. That leads me to

unnecessary trips to the grocery store. So this month, I will plan my meals ahead of time, to ensure

I value both my time and money. Because let me be completely honest with you, the more times I

have to set foot inside a store, the harder it is to resist getting all the candy and ice cream I don't


- Do something you enjoy at least twice this month

Sometimes I forget to take time for myself. I run around worrying about not getting my assignments

done on time, or I think about all the other things I've said I'd do but have postponed. In all the

mess that is worrying, I spend a lot of time just thinking instead of doing. And since I'm always

thinking about the "have-to" stuff, I don't do enough of the "want-to" stuff. So at least TWICE, I will

make sure to prioritize myself this month. I feel like that is important!


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