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A HIIT inspired TikTok trend goes Swede Wellness.


I recently got hooked on TikTok, an app for video creation. You can find pretty much any content on the platform, but one trend that has been circulating my "for you page" is where you workout to the beat of the music. So that's what I did!

I chose a beat I felt comfortable with, 175bpm, made a list of six exercises and had A BLAST! I also invited my mom to join me for this month so watch us have some fun and come workout with us! This is a fun way to get both strength and cardio work in depending on your level and your songs of choice.

Pro tip: If you have a song you love to workout to, quickly google search the song title + bpm to find the results. Then go to spotify's search bar and type in "the number of your choice bpm" and there are hundreds of playlists filled with songs with the same tempo! My search was "175 bpm", I found a playlist and quickly went through it to find some songs I enjoyed, queued them and BAAM! I had a good 15 minute hard workout planned with only six exercises.

Simple layout, HARD WORK! Love it! Watch the video below for a breakdown of the exercises and two rounds of actual work.

Video Bonus: we speak some Swedish in the outro for anyone interested to hear what that sounds like!

Leave me a comment and tell me if you tried it. What songs did you choose? Did you modify the routine in any way to suit you better? Was this a fun concept? Let me know!


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