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February's Top Three

- Wipe down kitchen counter every evening

I always wake up in the best mood when I know there are no dirty dishes in the sink, no empty cereal box standing on the counter and so on. So for this month I really want to make sure to wipe down the kitchen counter every night before I go to bed, that way I know there are no dishes left and no trash sitting around for me in the mornings.

- Take medication/vitamins

If you have prescribed medication or if your buy over-the-counter vitamins to boost your body, it can be difficult to remember to take them! My medication needs to be taken at the same time every day, so I keep an alarm on my phone to remind me. I'd recommend this for anyone who takes any type of supplement or medication daily, even if it's not necessary to take it at a certain time of day. Routine makes things easier!

- Use calendar more. (Keeping this goal from last month because I want to plan even more!)

I've been using my calendar a lot during January. Color coordinated plans, everything from when I'm planning on eating food to when I need to record my monthly youtube video! I try to write down the basics first and whatever I do week after week, and I also write down what I do in my spare time. Just because it's a great place to go back to see when I hung out with my grandmother last or when I went to a ski trip last (and oh do I wish I could go skiing, but that'll have to wait...)


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