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November's Top Three

What is on my mind this month? What would I like to set as goals for myself? This is my list of three things I would like to improve, try, think about or simply just do this month. The list below consists of three things I would like to keep in mind this upcoming month and if you would like to draw inspiration from it, feel free!!


- Go for a short walk every day

With less and less hours of sun every day here in Sweden, it is easy to go into a vitamin D deficit. The more sunlight I can capture the better! On November first, the sun will rise at 07:08am and set 4:21pm according to Google. The darkness comes fast after the sun sets and it's dark for many, many hours. The forecast says it'll rain all day tomorrow so we're lucky if we even see a glance of the sun. November last year broke the record for the least amount of sunlight hours in the month of november in recorded history (?), I think but don't quote me on this. HOWEVER, I'm trying to prevent a seasonal depression and I think going for short walks each day will help.

- Create at least three GOOD at-home workout programs

I tend to get bored if I continuously do the same workouts over and over again. And with COVID-19 on the rising here in Sweden and especially my county, the restrictions are now stricter again. We have gotten the strong recommendation to avoid spending time with anyone outside your household and of course the gym is also a no-go. Well technically, they're still open as I'm writing this but it's not safe to go, so I will do my workouts from home this month. To do so, I need to create some programs to motivate me to get a good workout in!!

- Solve one Sudoku puzzle each week

Sudoku puzzles are a good way to get your mind some exercise and I especially love sudoku puzzles because they allow me to forget about my surroundings for the time being and I disconnect for a moment. Sometimes I need to disconnect and only be with me.


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