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Keep Your Body Moving

Welcome to our video segment. This month I explain the basics of a movement I think we're all familiar with: the lunge.

The idea of this category of the blog is to help empower and motivate you to want to keep moving. All of us at Swede Wellness want to promote an active lifestyle in whichever way possible for you. It's your life, your journey and your goals. We don't compare, we share. And in this video, I'm breaking down a movement from it's simplest form to a more complex exercise for you to draw inspiration from and apply it to your own routine!

We all understand the struggles of working a job with little to no time for movement, maybe you're a student like me and spend countless hours sitting still studying. It is recommended to stand up every thirty minutes and do simple exercises for the benefit of your health. It is extremely important not only to our organs, which to be honest, might not be what most of us are thinking about. But it is also a good way to keep yourself focused so that you can perform well at whatever it is you're trying to achieve!

With that said. If you want to walk over to the coffee machine by doing lunges, or if you want to incorporate lunges into your workout, this is a video for you!

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My goals for this youtube channel and its content is to make more videos like this, breaking down movements into different skill levels. I also want to post full workout videos for us to do together, because I know some people work better with a partner, so let me be that partner should you ever need one!

Thank you all for watching and if you have any suggestions on what you would like me to cover in the future, let me know in the comments!

I hope you will join me on this journey to active living!

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